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The Nurikabe Book

An introduction with 101 puzzles, by Sam Griffiths-Jones

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The Nurikabe puzzles are not currently being updated. Visit the archive for over 80 previously published puzzles. You might also want to check out the Nurikabe Book.

Welcome to Nurikabe @ the Daily Sudoku!

Are you a Sudoku fan? Are you looking for a new challenge? Give Nurikabe a try!

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Like Sudoku, Nurikabe is played on a grid. Like Sudoku, Nurikabe is a purely logic puzzle. Like Sudoku, each puzzle has only one solution, and like Sudoku, that solution can be reached without resorting to trial and error. Like Sudoku, puzzles can be very easy, presenting even the beginner with a 5 or 10 minute diversion, or very hard, occupying the hardened puzzler with a significant challenge.

The Objective

The object of Nurikabe is to shade each square black or leave it white, based on a few simple rules. Nurikabe does have more rules than Sudoku, but they quickly become intuitive.

The rules

Each square must be black or white. Nurikabe has 4 additional rules:

  • Each group of white cells ("islands") must contain only one number
  • The number of white squares in a group must equal that number
  • All black squares must be linked together to form a continous block (the "wall" or "stream")
  • 2x2 blocks of black squares are disallowed

Walk through the tutorial example puzzle for more information.


Like Sudoku, Nurikabe has its roots in Japan. In Japanese folklore, the Nurikabe is an invisible wall that blocks the path of a traveller. The Nurikabe puzzle is also known as "islands in the stream". We mix "wall" and "island" metaphors mercilessly here!

Want more?

"The Nurikabe Book", by Sam Griffiths-Jones and published by Harriman House, is now available from all good bookshops.

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